Hey Everyone!!

Hello all. This is an awkward teenager. Knowing my luck and counting on my awkwardness, this will be the biggest fail ever and I will get NO FOLLOWERS. Oops never find I am sure this will be fun anyway! ://
I am here to “blog” about my life and my fails. The Confessions of an Awkward Teenager? I think I’m about as awkward as it gets.
I don’t know why I started this blog. I saw this article in my mums ‘Woman and Home’ magazine (first Mega Awks moment of the blog, what fourteen year old reads ‘Woman and Home’?!) about making blogs and I thought, hey, I have a somewhat interesting life?! Maybe people might be interested. They probably won’t be but it’s worth the try, eh?
I write this blog in the worst mood ever. My diet has gone out the window. Get home, no mum here, EAT FOOD. Cereal, to be exact. Jordans Country Crisp Strawberry to be exacter. A collosal bowl and now I feel fat.
I will say now, I’m not fat. I have a perfect BMI, I am eight stone and thirteen pounds of awkward and fail. I am a somewhat normal size ten. My friend Gay Boy, however, thinks it is fun to refer me to a whale or elephant and say I am twenty four stone at every possible moment. Biker Boy and Inbred Cow Fan also enjoy this. As does Small. As does everyone I consider a friend really. There was a group on Facebook called ‘putting quality banter before your friends feelings’. Which couldn’t explain my life more.
I also get called Chinese because the Ex (there will be A LOT more on him in blogs to come) and The Ex’s Frizzy Haired Friend thought it would be funny to spread rumours that I am chinese. I have been called Chinky, Wankymumma, Oriental, Chinese Warrior and many more. It must be a joke because I have large eyes that scare everyone because I can open them really wide and I look nothing like a Chinese person. Ironic.
I will end here because you are probably all bored of my blabbering. But this is just the beginning. If you want more, there will be more. So what do you think?? You want MORE Confessions of an Awkward Teenager? Let me know, I’ll be back in a fortnight to a month if you want me 🙂
Until then, or never if you hated this…
Awkward Girl. 🙂

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